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A letter from the We Did It For You!

Producers and Advisory Board

          In these days of national sorrow, reflection, and protest, we stand with all who are working to create a more inclusive future for people of every race. We are also aware that the women’s suffrage movement emerged from the abolition movement only to become deeply divided over race. 

           As a troupe of women who strive to be role models, we work intentionally to be inclusive and to educate our audiences about the multi-racial story of women’s accomplishments through history.  

          We do not support institutionalized, systemic, or personal racism.  We know how easy it is to perpetuate racism through microaggressions, language, inactivity, and ignorance.  We recognize that white privilege has infiltrated all aspects of our society and has contributed to the perpetuation of a racist society. 

          We Did It For You! entertains and educates audiences about women’s rights. We draw inspiration from the women of history. Women who want to effect change in the world join our cast pools to spread this positive message. 

          Our stated mission is to inspire and support women and girls to create an inclusive future and equitable world. We do that by working with other women’s organizations and social and economic justice groups who share these values. 

          Women and girls of all colors need to be part of the leadership so that their voices and values are heard. We all benefit by experiencing the power of women who stood and stand for something larger than themselves.


As our anthem song says “We Are One”

 -- The producers and advisory board of We Did It For You!

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