Take a positive action for a balanced society!

Explore the power and importance of women to our country. Think of ways how we, as women, can be true to the sacred trust we have been given by our foremothers. By knowing the past, we can see where we are going. For a better democracy, it’s in everyone’s interest that women are part of the leadership and backbone of the future.

Delve into the script! Discuss its message and look at how women have stood up for the moral issues of their day.  People who have participated in these readings and discussions come away with a greater appreciation for our precious rights and a keener awareness of how easily we could lose them.

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Engage your members or students by doing a play reading of We Did It For You! From the Puritan Revolution to our modern liberated society, this play is the story of how it changed, told by the women who were there. Participants will viscerally feel the centuries-long struggle, one that continues to this day. Through the reading and a focused discussion, they will learn first-hand what these amazing women in history went through to fight for our rights and how they overcame cultural constraints of the day. Leader will help participants think about how we today need to break out of our cultural constraints. They will come away from this experiential learning experience uplifted, more educated about women’s contributions, and with a greater appreciation of the rights we have and a keener awareness of how easily we can lose them.


Organizations can do a staged reading afterwards as a way to share what you've learned with your friends and colleagues.


A creative, innovative, and experiential program for your organization or classroom. Sixth grade through high school and college. Women's organizations. Ideal for study groups and college history courses in feminist studies. Works well at conventions and conferences.

We also have developed a train the trainer workshop so that you and your organization can go into schools/colleges and present the play-reading workshop yourself.

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