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We Did It For You! - the film

After years of staged performances and a year of livestreamed performances, we have created a film version. It's the same as the play, but a bit on steroids. It's still an engaging musical that tells of the struggles and triumphs women have undergone to get their basic rights in America. A high school student has a history project to figure out who has done the most for women of today, and she learns the answer from the women who were there. It is the ideal history lesson disguised as entertainment.

To create the film, the actors went into the Medfield TV studios and recreated the iconic roles. The challenges were daunting, dealing with a large cast, schedules, illness, and the pandemic. Thea got poison ivy. Caroline was hospitalized. That's not even all that happened. But we persisted and even found ways to add new material and special surprises for anyone who has seen the play version.

Playwright Thea Iberall was glad to see the play turned into a film. The cast first went into a sound studio to record the songs. "We went to the Kung Pow Recording Studio. Doing the singing during the pandemic was a challenge. I'm not sure I ever saw the whole face of the engineer."

The complete shoot was done in about 7 days spread out over some months. Iberall adds, "We were incorporating a few new songs which had to be cast, learned, choreographed, and filmed. It was a lot of work."

Now the film editor is working on it. Most of the film is done, and some tweaks are still being done to get it to a completed place.

Was it worth it? Iberall reminds us of the difficulty the suffragists had. “Getting the vote wasn’t a snap of the fingers. Women worked hard for 72 years for it.” When asked why she wrote the script, Iberall answers, “They did this for us. Isn’t it our responsibility to carry on their work for future generations?”

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