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We Can Help

The film is perfect for all types of meetings and events. Examples include:

  • Fundraisers

  • Women's issues forums

  • Colleges and high schools

  • Women's advocacy groups

  • Corporate conferences

  • Local and national conventions

  • Women's History Month events

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a screening.


Engage your members or students by doing a play reading of We Did It For You! This is a great way to dig deep into the script without the trouble and expense of learning lines, buying costumes, and constructing sets. Doing a staged reading afterwards for your organization is a way to share what you've learned with your friends and colleagues.


We offer four types of play-reading workshops depending on the focus you are interested in.

A creative, innovative, and experiential program for your organization or classroom. Ideal for study groups and college history courses in feminist studies. Works well at conventions and conferences.

We also have developed a train the trainer workshop so that you and your organization can go into schools/colleges and present the play-reading workshop yourself.

Click here for more information.


Resource Books

It is important that students are prepared for the show-going experience. The play can be an intense experience as history quickly flies by. Without a context to help focus them on the issues, students will miss some of the underlying message.

The We Did It For You Resource Book for High School Teachers contains activities and resources that provide guidance for teachers and students to extend the play-going experience into a valuable educational tool. Written by Dr. Thea Iberall and Dr. Anne Perrah, it contains extensive pre-show and post-show classroom activities and teacher guidelines for focusing the material in the  Common Core Standards. It also provides historical information and lists of books about women and their contributions.

The We Did It For You Resource Book for College Students contains insights and resources for college students wanting to use We Did It For You! in their education.

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