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Connecting through zoom

Updated: May 24, 2020

Just like everyone else, we are staying in touch through Zoom. We reached out to the Southern California cast and have introduced them to the Massachusetts cast. And as of this week, we have connected with the new troupe in Northern California as well. People are excited to meet each other and to share stories.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Ginni Gordan (CA) and Ancelin Wolfe (MA)

They all agree that they have learned so much from being in this show; history has opened up for them. Many things happen in our lifetimes that we cannot understand while we are going through it. Like this COVID-19 pandemic. We don't know how our lives are changing, how our culture is changing. It will only be in retrospect will we understand what happened. Of course, at the moment we have no idea when that retrospective will start.

Sojourner Truth with Lashana Hammond (CA) and Adrienne Williams (MA)

Meanwhile, we have discovered a new platform called Play It Forward which is hoping to bring theatre back to North America. We are learning what we can about it and will let you know how we will be using it.

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