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Virtual performances

We've done four virtual performances now. There were so many things to figure out how to do. From a production side, we had to figure out how to integrate the songs with the dialogue with the slides. From the acting perspective, the actors had to learn how to enter and exit efficiently on Zoom. They had to had blank backdrops behind them, the correct lighting, their costumes. No noises like dogs barking or telephones ringing.

We rehearse every Wednesday evening. About a third of our cast is from the West Coast, and the rest are from Massachusetts. It's great to have the casts combined. Everyone is thrilled to meet.

There is a Northern California cast forming, and we were needing a high school girl for our upcoming performance. None of our actors were available in Massachusetts, so we drew on the Northern California cast to fill this role. Trial by fire. She has had two rehearsals with us, and she goes on live on Saturday.

We Did It For You! The Suffrage Story cast

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