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Excerpts and Interviews

The audience sees the actors on the stage performing as these incredible role models: Alice Paul, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt. But they aren't always aware of who the people are that are bringing these historical characters to life. The women volunteer because they are called to inspire women into action. Each one does this in addition to living their lives. Some are mothers, some are grandmothers. Some are still working through the pandemic. Some are on the frontline working in hospitals or working as caregivers. The women of We Did It For You! are diverse in age, privilege, color, and creed. Some do this while managing pain, pregnancy, infant care, or illness. Some are retired, some are in middle school.

People join because they’re looking for a worthy project. They are the type of people who are committed to the greater community—using women’s voices to stand up for women’s rights, to inspire children, and even to fight the climate crisis. At our weekly rehearsals and get togethers, we talk about the activism work we are all doing in addition to putting this play on.

I think that's what makes this troupe so special. The women and girls who join us experience the power of women who stood for something larger than themselves. Because they want to do the same.

This is why I thought interviewing cast members and sharing those interviews with the public would be a great thing to do. Check out our upcoming performances to see when the next showing of the Excerpts and Interviews is.

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