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Postponing the rest of our spring shows

As soon as we performed in Winchester, the rest of our March, April, and May shows began being postponed to the Fall. A year that was supposed to be our busiest ever, a year we had been planning over the last 10 months, became something else entirely.

The uncertainty in the beginning was unsettling as we tried to figure out how we would perform if we had to. But the church where we rehearse closed. Shows got postponed and some even cancelled. This time of a world pandemic is more stressful with each passing day. Some of our cast members are in the front lines of the medical field as nurses, therapists, scientists. Others have compromised immune systems and we are helping them however we can. Our cast members are making masks, helping others, and doing whatever they can.

We've also still been meeting on Wednesdays at our normal rehearsal time. The first Wednesday under the 'stay at home' orders we just talked about how great our March 8th performance was and we discussed how everyone was. At our last Wednesday get together on Zoom (see above), we did a play-reading with everyone taking parts they don't normally do and some even wearing silly hats. Maryann Zimba, currently taking a sabbatical from the show, showed off her new baby.

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