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We Honor Women of the Past

"If the women of the world had not been excluded from world affairs, things today might have been different." - Alice Paul (1885-1977), suffragist.

We honor all the women who fought so valiantly for women's suffrage. They did it for themselves, they did it for us. We must continue their fight for women's rights, honoring their determination, carrying on as a sacred trust. The first step is to VOTE!

What virtual audiences are saying about We Did It For You!:

"Wonderful performance all!  I hope to be able to see you live and in person sometime soon.” – M. T.

“Wonderful! Really a remarkable challenge.” - J. L.

“I was crying by the last song! You all rock!” - P. S.

“You were all wonderfullllllll!  Thank you.” - L. N.

“Congratulations to everyone! Great job! - L. L.

“I have never had greater respect for what it takes to shift to livestream platform and learn technology with all the gusto and persistence of our ability.” S. R.

“Great show!  So proud of what all these women did! Thank you all for offering!” -  M. G.

“Voting is a privilege and it’s important that our young people cherish their rights.” – S.. R.

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